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Itac launches Sanitac: A WHO approved liquid hand sanitiser

During the Covid-19 lock down period, Itac continued to support their customer base who remained operational, including those supplying the food and medical sectors.  However, as production slowed down, Itac announced plans to use their factory facilities, expertise and spare capacity to manufacture a new hand sanitiser product – Sanitac.

This came at a time when the new norm of frequent hand cleaning and use of hand sanitiser became essential for safeguarding public health against Coronavirus.  Itac’s aim was simple:  to help ensure there are sufficient supplies of hand sanitiser in the business community as restrictions are eased, and people return to work or go about their everyday lives.

Itac wanted to ensure this was done in a compliant way having realised so many hand sanitiser products were being launched to market without correct and proper consideration of relevant regulations and standards.  Therefore, Itac followed all relevant guidelines so their manufacturing was above board and to ensure the following requirements were met:

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  • Sanitac liquid hand sanitiser contained well over the 60% WHO recommendation for alcohol content at 75%
  • Package labelling was in accordance with national guidelines with regards to terminology and usage
  • Package labelling included all relevant health and safety information including correctly formatted pictograms and tactile danger warnings where appropriate
  • Storage temperature and ventilation conditions for ingredients and finished product followed WHO and national guidelines
  • No other ingredients other than those specified as acceptable by the WHO were added to the approved formulation
  • Documentation such as safety data sheets and technical data sheets were produced and made available for customers if required
  • EU REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & Restriction of Chemicals) regulations were satisfied.  Inspection and control will soon be tightened as some companies continue to exploit the Covid-19 pandemic with non-compliant hand sanitiser products

Itac believe that by following the relevant guidelines to keep our manufacturing above board and our hand sanitiser product compliant, they are doing what’s right for our customers, what’s right for the business, and what’s right in their contribution in helping to #stopthespread.

The team at Itac look forward to supporting the local business community or any organisations wanting to keep their customers and colleagues safe.  There is now an online shop where Sanitac can be ordered for delivery in various volumes from 100ml flip-top bottles through to 1,000 litre IBC’s.  There is also a dedicated technical and customer service team available to assist with any product enquiries you have. You can complete the simple form below, call us on 01204 573736, or email,

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