Chemicals, Oil, Gas & Power

Natural rubber adhesives for rubber gasketing materials that need to maintain their integrity

Chemicals, Oil, Gas & Power

A tailored approach to your rubber gasket manufacturing requirements

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Correct application and installation of rubber gasketing plays a critical role in ensuring the efficient operations of chemicals, oil, gas, and power plants.


One of the main problems that can occur is costly downtime due to leaks from pipes and valves when the wrong type of rubber gasket is used, or they are installed incorrectly. Due to extreme heat, pressure, and chemicals that are often in use, this may present significant health and safety and environmental problems.


Furthermore, changing gaskets needs to be a quick operation to minimise downtime and maximise productivity.


What we do

Itac’s products are as diverse as our customers’ needs.  


We manufacture natural rubber adhesives for rubber gasketing materials that need to maintain their integrity in corrosive, extreme temperature, aggressive chemical, and high-pressure environments.


Anti-stick properties allow the used gasket to be quickly and fully removed, reducing the risk of subsequent leaks.


Our natural rubber adhesive formulations are modified with synthetic additives to obtain tailored colour properties for a variety of end use rubber gasket materials.  This enables our clients to manufacture a variety of end use rubber gasket materials which can be categorised and identified for correct application in the various environments mentioned above.  


Either way, the end user can be reassured that the correct gasket material is being used, to safeguard against the huge financial costs associated with downtime, and the environmental and health risks associated with leaks caused by the incorrect sealing technology being applied.

How we do it

Itac work in a timely fashion with our clients to manufacture and supply our modified natural rubber adhesives.

This is added to other ingredients to create the gasket material specified for its end use application and the environmental conditions in which it needs to function. The compound is then passed through a mill to mix thoroughly to form the gasket body before being extruded into flat sheets and cut into the required shapes and sizes for the end application.

sealng gaskets for hydraulic joints

Products and applications

• Natural Rubber (NR) adhesive modified with pigments to impart a wide range of colours to meet product requirements;
• Coatings for thermally insulating valve covers.

Itac also manufacture and supply performance coatings for health and safety equipment commonly used in chemical, oil, gas, and power generation plants. These include coatings for fire and smoke curtains, and PPE such as breathing apparatus and life jackets.

Find out how we can help you with your rubber gasketing requirements

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