Sports & Leisure

Itac have manufactured technical adhesives and coatings for the sports and leisure sector for more than 20 years

Sports & Leisure

Coatings and adhesives for high performance products

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There are few sectors that push the boundaries of product performance and durability like the sports and leisure sector does. Furthermore, with such a diverse range of activities within the industry, required performance attributes can be equally as diverse and these are often critical to the end user’s experience of the product and associated activity or interest. 


Strong, waterproof, and light might come to mind when someone thinks of tent fabric. Angry, frustrated, and wet might come to mind if the tent leaks or collapses whilst in the middle of nowhere!


What we do

Itac have manufactured top quality technical adhesives and coatings for the sports and leisure sector for more than 20 years. These silicone or polyurethane based adhesives and coatings have been specially formulated to meet customised needs based on the product substrate, application technique, and its end use.


Whether it be for safety, appearance, comfort, or longevity, Itac’s solutions have enabled manufacturers to develop products that perform and delight their customers rather than disappoint. From waterproof fabric coatings for outdoor clothing to lamination adhesives for dart flights, our high-performance adhesives and coatings are as diverse at our customer’s and the end user’s needs.

How we do it

Itac understand that applications in the sports and leisure industry are extremely diverse so we work in close partnership with our partners to align the chemistry with the right application. Whereas some companies have standardised their offerings to meet very broad market demands and high volumes, Itac pay special attention to every enquiry. We are always prepared to listen, give time, and respond in a way that takes our customers one step closer to making it happen!  This often enables our clients to be more responsive to their market and is where Itac provide real added value to the partnership. 



Products and applications

Silicone and Polyurethane based coatings
Polyurethane based lamination adhesive and polyester resin


  • Outdoor clothing and fabrics including those used for tents and ground sheets
  • Hot air balloon fabric – silicone-based coating
  • Water sports life jackets – polyurethane-based coating


  • Waterproofing to enable products to function as per their design;
  • Hydrolysis resistance enables easy maintenance without damage to the waterproof coating;
  • UV resistance and colourfastness for longevity of product aesthetics;
  • Abrasion resistance protects fabric from becoming worn away and maintains texture and feel;
  • Air tightness reduces the passage of gaseous media through the fabric.

White water rafting


  • Dart flights


  • High bond strength;
  • High clarity so the adhesive does not interfere with the graphics printed on the flights.

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