High performance adhesives and coatings

Design new products or improve existing ones with ITAC's high performance adhesives and coatings.

As one of the UK’s leading solution providers of high performance spreadable adhesives, film coatings, specialist fabric coatings, and paintable coatings and sealants, ITAC plays a vital role in fostering innovation across a wide range of commercial sectors.  Our diverse range of products and formulation capabilities encompass applications in graphics, signage, display and print, building, construction and maintenance, health and safety, food and beverage production, manufacturing and industrial, and sports and recreation.  However, we have a flexible approach to providing customised solutions so encourage bonding and coating enquiries from any sector.

The following pages contain some of our widely used adhesive and coating products with the option to download technical data sheets or request samples.  You are also invited to make bespoke application enquiries, or simply request a call back using the contact forms available.  We will endeavour to respond to your queries asap.

Someone using spray machine to apply a high performance coating to orange metal cladding.


Adhesive bonding solutions for outstanding product performance in a range of industries.


High performance coatings designed and manufactured to add value to your products and processes.

Technical solutions for outstanding performance. Let’s make it happen!

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