Formulating success for 120 years

Then and now

Aligning the chemistry with the application since 1902

2022 marks the 120th year since John Markus founded ITAC Limited.  In 1902, he discovered that tyre scrapings dissolved in solvent made an excellent rubber adhesive which when painted onto the outside carcass of a tyre provided an ideal priming coat on which tyre thread could be bonded.  John had the full backing of his wife who endured the physical strain of manually transporting the tyres for processing before valiantly returning them to the client once treated.


It was this kind of grit and determination that set the tone for ITAC to become one of the UK’s leading producers of high performance adhesives and coatings despite two world wars, six recessions and a devastating fire.


See our timeline below for more key dates in ITAC’s history.



John Markus opens his first factory in Clowes Street, Salford.  Following changes in tyre manufacturing methods, The India Rubber & Tyre Company finds its niche in the manufacture of waterproof raincoats which is a thriving industry of the area at the time.  To guarantee waterproofing, the seams of the coats need sealing with a tape made out of the same waterproof material.  The tape is coated with a sticky varnish before being bonded to the garment – this is where John makes his pitch.


Following his death, John Markus’s Daughter, Irene Ross takes charge of the India Rubber & Tyre Company.  Soon after, she is joined by her Daughter, Anne.  Despite having never worked in a factory before, it soon comes to light that Irene shares her Father’s business drive and ambition.


The Second World War breaks out and the company is hit by a shortage of materials.  However, much needed and timely help comes in the form of an existing customer who secures a contract for the company to equip the armed forces with ground sheets.  This successful collaboration lasts throughout the war and beyond.


Alan Armitt joins the company and Polyurethane technologies are introduced to supply waterproof coatings into the coated textiles industry.


The company expands through acquisition and becomes known as the “India Rubber & Tyre Adhesives Co Ltd.


The company moves to its current premises in Radcliffe and abbreviates its name to ITAC Limited.


Tragedy strikes when a major fire brings most of ITAC’s infrastructure, plant, equipment, and materials to the ground.  Bloodied, but not defeated, ITAC’s resilience and determination comes to the fore as renovations are soon underway and investments are made in the latest mixing plant and machinery.


Due to ill health and after 38 years at the helm, Alan Armitt hands control of ITAC over to his Son, Paul Armitt.


ITAC qualifies for the European quality standard BS EN ISO 9001: 1994, and shortly after Investors In People.


ITAC acquires Crispin Adhesives and Borden Speciality Water Based Adhesive division.


ITAC acquires Texas Coatings and Developments.


Almost half of ITAC’s sales are attributed to the manufacture and supply of technical textiles coatings for water proofing, fire retardancy, and chemical resistance.


After over a decade of manufacturing their silicone based products, ITAC acquires Delvemade, suppliers of the UK’s market leading protective roof coatings system incorporating the Seamsil®, Delcote®, and Delglaze® brands.


 ITAC forms an exclusive relationship with commercial gutter refurbishment company, HD Sharman.  The move provides contractors, specifiers and commercial property owners with combined access to best-in-class gutter and roof refurbishment systems with full service support.


HD Sharman acquires ITAC after the partnership formed in 2018 goes from strength to strength in supporting their growth strategy within the commercial roofing sector.  Steve Farnworth takes charge as Managing Director at ITAC.


ITAC rebrands to provide a modern visual identity whilst extending the company’s reach, visibility, and engagement within the performance adhesives and coatings market.