Environmental policy

Itac is a specialist manufacturer of adhesives and solvent based coating solutions.

This company believes it has an important duty to ensure good environmental performance in all of its business operations and to provide the necessary organisation, commitment and training to fulfil this obligation. The senior management firmly believes in, and is committed to, monitoring and improving environmental performance.

These aims will be achieved through:

  1. Certification to ISO14001, attained in 2014. Committing to retain this International Standard for environmental performance.
  2. Maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for its employees, with adequate facilities appropriate to the nature of the business activities.
  3. Promoting environmental awareness throughout the organisation.
  4. Complying with all relevant existing and future legislation and customer specifications, improving on minimum standards, and expecting those working on our premises to meet the same standards.
  5. Preventing pollution of air, water and land at source and controlling unavoidable pollution to an acceptable minimum.
  6. Pursuing continual improvement in environmental performance through:
    • reducing waste, increasing reuse and recycling and improving solid and liquid waste disposal methods.
    • using energy efficiently throughout our operations and reducing carbon emissions.
    • using transport efficiently for deliveries to and from the site, business travel and staff commuting.
    • minimising packaging to help customers reduce their own waste by using larger containers or returnable packaging.
  7. Incorporating environmental responsibility into all business operations, by planning environmental protection, reviewing and developing policy, by setting objectives and targets, and by reviewing and auditing performance.

All employees have responsibilities for policy implementation and all can participate and contribute to its success through their actions and suggestions.

Andrew Wragg
5th January 2023