High performance coating solutions

Technical coating solutions that add performance.

ITAC is a leading provider of high-performance coating solutions.  Our coatings are used in a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Flame retardancy for passive fire protection equipment in buildings
  • Chemical resistance for food conveyor belts
  • UV and weathering protection for outdoor fabrics
  • Heat, oil and moisture resistance for industrial sealing and gasketing
  • Protective coatings for aircraft and other vehicles

ITAC’s coatings are formulated using a wide range of polymers, including polyurethane, acrylic, butyl rubber, natural rubber, silicone and others.  This allows us to tailor our coatings to the specific needs of each application.

See below for a selection of our products.  Do not hesitate to contact us with any custom requirements.

blue and orange umbrella with rain running down its surface
Industrial setting with silver pipe and duct work and tanks.
C3-384: One pack polyurethane coating

C3-384 is a one pack polyurethane solution which provides good resistance to hydrolysis and a dry handle for a tack free finish.  Its flexible properties, high tensile strength, high lightfastness, moisture and UV resistance make it a suitable coating for many outdoor building and industrial applications where a tough and durable finish is required.










White water rafting - view from on the boat heading into rough waters.
C3-447: One pack polyurethane coating

C3-447 is a thermoplastic polyurethane solution with excellent tensile strength, heat resistance and a relatively dry handle for a tack free finish.  The coating is characterised by an extremely high crystallisation rate with low thermoplastic properties, so bonds remain thermally stable once cured.

Its high green strength enables the material to be handled at the start of the curing process and before full bond strength is achieved making the primer coating a suitable solution for a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

Common applications include for use on textiles and polymers as either a primer or adhesive, as well as protective clothing and lifesaving equipment.

Orange tarpaulin material.
C3-473: One pack polyurethane coating

C3-473 is a polyurethane based coating.  It has been developed for use in protective coating applications for items such as upholstery, tents and tarpaulins.



Large white corporate marquee.
water droplets on a blue fabric.
C3-533: Polyurethane coating

C3-533 is a two pack Polyurethane-Polyester adduct giving rise to coatings with excellent resistance to hydrolysis.  However, due to its high initial green strength, it can be applied and air-dried as a single-component product in most applications. 

Additives such as pigments, matting agent, light stabilisers etc. can also be used.

Waterproof blue and yellow tent fabric.
C3-1082: Silver flame retardant polyurethane coating

A polyester-type polyurethane solution, with good hydrolysis resistance.  C3 – 1082 has been developed for use in flame retardant coatings typically for textiles and applications such as protective clothing, sports wear, tarpaulins, protective coatings, upholstery and tent fabric.

Other colours are available. This product can be used either as a single or two-pack system.

C3-1132: Polyurethane coating


C3-1132 is a solvent based polyurethane for general purpose coating of fabrics and textiles to provide a waterproof, light weight, flexible and durable finish.






Female development chemist performing colour testing on coating product

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