Food & Beverage

Development of conveyor belt coatings for various sectors in the food and beverage industry

Food & Beverage

Safeguarding your food conveyor systems and productivity

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Conveyor systems play a critical role for food and beverage manufacturers, distributors, and retailers maximising productivity whilst transporting goods through various processes such as cooking, sealing, chilling, freezing, and packaging before distribution through to retail outlets.


It is therefore essential that, as well as choosing the correct conveyor design, careful consideration is also given to the conveyor belt’s coating materials and their properties.


What we do

For many years, Itac has been successful in the development of conveyor belt coatings for various sectors in the food and beverage industry.


These include durable, anti-microbial, non-conductive coatings where resistance to extremes of temperature, contamination, or mechanical abrasion is required.


Our solvent based polyurethane coatings are chemically inert, so spillages do not affect the conveyor belt substrate, allowing simple yet efficient cleaning up processes to be used, avoiding unnecessary downtime and minimising costs.

The ITAC Effect

Together, we’ll make it happen!

Itac provides real value to the production of new products and the improvement of existing ones. Whether it be maintaining brand image through applying a UV protective coating on an outdoor sign; or applying a light deactivatable adhesive for ease and comfort in the removal of medical dressings, Itac can make it happen!

Specialist effects

Tailoring adhesive and coating solutions to exact needs, requirements, and expectations.



Specialist effects

  • Anti-Microbial – Anti-microbial coatings are generally resistant to the growth of microbial species.
  • Food Contact – Certain end use applications for adhesives and coatings are in industry applications in contact with food
  • Medical Grade Products – Adhesives or coatings intended for use in medical applications require very high purity ingredients


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Surface properties

Modify the surface finish of materials to achieve the desired performance.



Surface properties

  • Abrasion Resistance – The degree of abrasion resistance of a coating will be a function of the physical properties of the polymeric species used in that coating.
  • Clarity & Colour – ITAC can offer a wide range of polymers for use in their coatings and adhesive from highly opaque to optically clear.
  • Surface Energy – The surface energy of a coating can be modified by the inclusion of certain materials into the coating.


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Bonding performance

Bonding and coating expertise for optimum performance in application and end use needs.




Bonding performance

  • Grab – Grab describes the tendency of a wet adhesive to hold in place during the drying/cure process.
  • Tack – Tackiness describes the inherent stickiness of an adhesive or coated surface.
  • Bond Strength – The bond strength of an adhesive or coating tends to be governed by the yield strength and fracture mechanics of the polymeric species being used.


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How we do it

Itac work closely with food and beverage conveyor belt manufacturers to ensure our coating materials comply with FDA, EU, and all relevant food contact regulations.  This, together with our knowledge and expertise allows us to match our chemistry to the application requirements.

For example, by ensuring coatings have antimicrobial properties for conveyor systems where food comes into direct contact with the belt, we can help prevent bacterial growth, maximise hygiene, ensure compliance and ultimately safeguard consumer health.

Products and applications

Solvent-based two component Polyurethane coating


Conveyor belting and food processing.


• Provides high resistance to water, grease, oils, cleaning materials and other liquids. Reduced absorption rates make conveyor belts durable, resilient, and efficient;
• Safe – compliant to FDA and EU regulations;
• Superior tear and abrasion resistance;
• Remains flexible at low temperatures seen in food processing (down to -30⁰C);
• Excellent adhesion therefore less likelihood of delamination;
• Anti-stick properties that promote easy release, even for sticky food stuffs;
• Can be coloured for categorisation and identification purposes.

Itac also manufacture and supply specialist coatings for food and beverage label production. Read more here > 

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