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Great chemistry

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Supporting you in what you do best!

At ITAC, great chemistry lies not only in our technical adhesives and coatings formulations, but also in the strong partnerships we build with our customers.  We understand that supporting our customers to achieve their internal and external business objectives is crucial for mutual success.


By gaining a clear understanding of our customers’ requirements at each stage of the process, ITAC ensures that the solutions provided align with their specific needs and goals.  As the partnership evolves, a sense of trust is nurtured between us and our customers. This trust is built on the demonstrated expertise and support provided by ITAC throughout the collaboration.


Whether it’s helping with the ideation phase or guiding our customers through the formulation development journey, ITAC is dedicated to assisting our clients in creating high-performance products.


Click the project phase tabs below for a brief overview of our project development service.

Ideation / concept
Product sample, trial and testing
Review and formulation development
Product specification
Trial production
Scaling up

We liaise closely with our customers to gain a clear understanding of their project parameters. This way, we can begin to align the chemistry with their end use requirements and business objectives.

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We provide samples for initial evaluation. We then work in partnership with our customers to conduct trials that test the performance of the product, the application method, ease of use and measure the properties of the finished product.

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We evaluate the performance against the requirements and refine the formulation as agreed with our customer. This may include changing the levels and/or types of solvent, additive, pigment or base polymer to achieve optimal performance properties.

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Once performance requirements have been approved for the formulation development and manufacturing processes, we sign off the specification with our customer. Costs, quotes, agreements, targets and production timescales are agreed.

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We supply quantities to prove the formulation, allowing our customer to run at a production scale. This gives scope for further refinement of formulations.

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We hold stocks of key raw materials so they can be converted quickly and easily as demand increases and continuity of supply becomes critical. Our Kanban system ensures customers receive product as they need it and when they need it.

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See a selection of ITAC’s most popular technical adhesive and coating solutions, download technical data sheets and request samples.  Alternatively, make a bespoke formulation enquiry.

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We have the knowledge and skills to interpret our clients needs and advise them on what polymers will or will not work in the successful development or improvement of their products.

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Itac recognise that one coating method does not suit all applications and acknowledge that coming up with a candidate formulation is only half the story.