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Itac provides real value to the production of new products and the improvement of existing ones.  Whether it be maintaining brand image through applying a UV protective coating on an outdoor sign; or applying a light deactivated adhesive for ease and comfort in the removal of medical dressings, Itac can make it happen!  We recognise that one adhesive or coating does not do everything for everyone and provide technical solutions for the right application in a range of industries.

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Polymer Coating Effects

The value that Itac provides through our specialist adhesive coatings are explained further within each of these categories:

Transparent film being peeled off a black car

Whether it be varying tack strength through formulation of a pressure sensitive adhesive that supports repositioning or formulating a light deactivated adhesive for the painless removal of medical dressings, Itac can impart the require effects on products to facilitate their ease of use.

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Slide of optical glass on a bright blue background

Itac understand the various factors that determine if a bond between two or more substrates will exceed requirements or fail.  These include the substrate material, the product’s intended use, environmental factors, and the polymers and additives used in the adhesive coating’s formulation.  We work closely with our clients to align our expertise and knowledge with their product and application needs.

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Red waterproof textile with water droplets on the surface

Many products in a variety of sectors require technical coatings for their products to be made less permeable or impermeable.  This is especially relevant in the textile industry where many companies look for ways of waterproofing their products for functional and practical purposes.  Whether it is making a substrate waterproof or airtight, Itac have all the right ingredients to make your product work.

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We appreciate our technical coatings are often the finishing requirement for any product that is built to last. Itac ensure only the best polymers, additives and solvents are used for each application to promote a product’s reliability and longevity. We aim to enhance our partner’s and end user’s reputation.  Product failure is not an option!

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fire flames against a black backdrop

Itac’s coating formulations play a critical role in providing the flame resistance and thermal insulation required for products in the building and construction, aerospace, and personal safety sectors to name a few.  Where people’s health, safety, and wellbeing are concerned, we do not cut corners!  Instead, we innovate to help our partners develop products that enhance safety and preserve life.

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shiny metal surface with diamond-shaped embossing

Itac recognise that one adhesive or coating does not do everything for everyone.  We work hand-in-glove with our clients to understand the environments their products are expected to perform in.  So, whether it is a fabric coating to give protective clothing increased abrasion resistance, or the use of coloured rubber gaskets on plant machinery, Itac can help to impart the desired effect.

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Female scientist looking through microscope at a blue liquid substance

Itac’s technical adhesives and coatings are as diverse as our customer’s needs.  We manufacture and supply into a variety of industries, many of which are critical to everyday life.  So, whether it is an anti-microbial coating for safe conveyor belt usage in food production, or static dissipative coatings to minimise the build-up of electrical charge, Itac can be trusted to help you reach the best possible solution.

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