Nitrile Rubber – Toll Manufacturing

Project overview

Itac has been providing confidential toll manufacturing services to a wide range of organisations within the adhesives and coatings sector for over a century.  These often operate within hi-tech areas of activity and Itac has developed a reputation for understanding and controlling critical to function process parameters that are vital for performance in countless applications and processes

ProductNitrile rubber – toll manufacturing


Some of the reasons businesses choose to work in partnership with Itac include focusing their production on their strengths, market testing a new product before setting up production facilities, and demand and capacity issues.  However, one of our longest toll manufacturing partnerships commenced over 10 years ago when our client experienced an unforeseen breakdown in supply of their nitrile rubber-based coating from their existing coatings manufacturer. 


At the time, significant growth in demand for their specialist coating material was predicted.  This required a level of scale up with significant investment in plant, machinery, and raw materials if the formulation and mixing of the required coatings were to be managed in house.  Furthermore, a significant proportion of their business relied upon this continuation of supply so it was critical that they were able to continue focusing on their areas of expertise in order to maintain the quality and efficiency that their clients demanded.


Itac operate an efficient plant with a comprehensive range of mixing equipment providing dry as well as wet compounding facilities. These include bulk mixing vessels with capacities ranging from 25 litres to 3,000 litres. We have also developed systems to monitor our client’s crucial requirements, to prove and measure process capability and repeatability. Itac therefore had the necessary capacity to absorb the risks, costs, and infrastructure associated with the dissolution process required for our client’s specialist nitrile rubber-based coating.


Despite this, it was also crucial for Itac’s client to feel comfortable investing their trust in our quality, dependability, flexibility, and efficiency.  Having manufactured and supplied industrial adhesives and coatings since 1902, Itac had certainly earned its right to sit at the table! Accreditations such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and Investors in People, along with significant technical competence in the legislative requirements for manufacturing, storing and shipping of hazardous materials provided peace of mind for our client, along with evidence of an agile manufacturing operation that could respond quickly to changes in demand.


Itac’s collaboration with our client has evolved to provide a reliable, dependable, and efficient service for the end user, whilst always complying and keeping up to date with the latest legislation.  Our ability to absorb responsibility for the dissolution process has allowed our client to focus their efforts on streamlining the business and to invest in other areas such as R&D, operational efficiencies, sales and marketing, customer service, and training.  This has resulted in a stronger value proposition in the supply chain for our client which has enabled them to become more competitive.


Today, Itac is the toll or contract manufacturing partner of choice for many leading names in the industry.


If you have any queries about Itac’s toll or contract manufacturing services, we would be delighted to hear from you!  Please call 01204 573736 or email and we will ensure your enquiry is promptly dealt with.