High performance adhesive solutions

Proven bonding solutions for a range of applications.

ITAC’s adhesive solutions have been designed to meet specific performance requirements for a wide variety of end use environments including:

  • Automotive and aerospace
  • Construction
  • Food and beverage production
  • Industrial
  • Sports and recreation
  • Technical textiles
  • Graphics, signage, display and print

In addition, our adhesive formulations are designed to meet requirements of substrate properties, application methods and production conditions.  From varying grab, tack, and peel strengths; to other factors such as an adhesive’s UV, heat, water and chemical resistance, ITAC are able to align the right adhesive chemistry with the right application.

See below for a selection of our products.  Do not hesitate to contact us with any custom requirements.

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Selection of laminate flooring samples
A4-118: Self-curing adhesive

A4-118 is a transparent acrylic based self-curing pressure sensitive adhesive that provides high tack and permanent adhesion.  This solvent based adhesive’s excellent chemical, heat and water resistant properties ensure long term performance and durability on a variety of common substrates. A4-118 can be applied using a variety of coating methods and is pigmented blue to easily identify application coverage.  A perfect solution for a variety of lamination applications.


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A4-372: Heat seal adhesive

A4-372 is a one component heat activated acrylic adhesive with high tack and excellent shear resistance.  This solvent-based adhesive is optically clear and a great solution for graphics, artwork, textile finishing and other lamination applications where clarity is essential.  






Labels on a cardboard box
A7-150: Natural rubber based adhesive

A7-150 is a solvent based natural rubber based adhesive.  The natural rubber provides excellent flexibility and initial adhesion properties for short term pressure sensitive applications.






Industrial pipes and thermostats
A6-117: Clear nitrile adhesive

A6-117 is a clear, multipurpose solvent-based adhesive that provides a strong flexible bond with good chemical, oil and fuel, moisture and temperature resistance.  These properties make it suitable for use in demanding environments and applications such as industrial gasketing.






Orange high visibility jackets hung up on a rail.
A7-183: Natural rubber based adhesive

A7-183 is a solvent based natural rubber adhesive.  Due to its flexible and moisture resistance properties, the adhesive is suitable for the seam sealing and waterproofing of outdoor clothing and equipment.  This provides a much quicker method of manufacture or repair than additional stitching or patching.




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