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Itac mix together the ingredients to deliver Great Chemistry!  This is not just about our formulation and compounding expertise; its also about the chemistry that develops between Itac and our customers because of the way we do business.  Achieving the right combination of both is where we really specialise and add value in developing the right effect to make your products excel.

What we do

Itac formulate, manufacture, and supply high performance coatings and adhesives that play a critical role in the development of products and processes across a wide range of sectors.  In doing so, we provide the chemical blending skills and expertise that helps our customers to differentiate their product offerings and support their future direction. 


Itac provide skills and expertise throughout the formulation, sampling, trialling, upscaling, and qualification processes so that our customers can demonstrate continuous innovation and turn their ideas into reality. 


Due to our vast experience, we can adjust existing formulations, or create new ones for a wide range of applications.


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Itac also provide a confidential toll manufacturing service with proven competence in polymer compounding for various applications.  This helps our customers to secure continuity of supply which wins credibility and trust from their own clients. 


We also operate a stock holding facility of raw materials, so customers have them in place and ready to be converted as demand arises.  This can simplify the supply chain and enable our customers to be more responsive in meeting their client’s needs.


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How we do it

Itac runs an agile manufacturing operation that can respond quickly to changes in demand whilst always complying and keeping up to date with the latest legislation.


Our range of mixers are designed for a wide variety of operations ranging from simple liquid mixing to complex compounding and solventing operations.  Our process control systems manage all relevant operating parameters such as residence times and mixing temperature to ensure that the finished product performance meets the specific customer requirements for the product. 


Itac’s mixers can also handle a wide range of viscosities, from water thin liquids to extremely thick pastes, allowing us to satisfy the needs of a broad customer base. To give our customers uniform performance, process equipment is frequently calibrated to allow accurate and repeatable batches to be made.


The team at Itac are always prepared to listen, give time, and respond to all technical enquiries.  We can address the little nuances that other providers are unable to because their products and operations are too standardised and designed to serve broad markets. 


For Itac, non-standard is standard and our agile, responsive, and flexible way of doing business is a key ingredient in the great chemistry we provide.


Our ISO 9001 quality system controls all business operations including procurement, manufacturing, sales, logistics and product development.


Adherence to the ISO 14001 Environmental standard ensures we work responsibly with solvents and chemicals.


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Itac's Values

Itac’s core values portray how we work and are reflected in the way we conduct ourselves as an organisation, as a team, and as individuals.  These are:


  • We are competent
  • We are trustworthy
  • We are successful
  • We are respectful
  • We are fulfilled


These are key ingredients in the great chemistry we provide and guide our performance and commitment in achieving the highest standards for our customers.