Solutions overview

Adding Value from formulation to application since 1902.

Adding value from formulation to application since 1902

ITAC’s expertise in solvents and polymers allows us to offer innovative adhesive and coating solutions that can give our customers a competitive edge in the market.  Being thought leaders in the industry means we stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in materials, which is crucial for delivering cutting-edge products and services.

By maintaining close contact with suppliers, we are always aware of new and innovative materials as they emerge.  This allows us to leverage these new ideas and build upon them, resulting in enhanced adhesive and coating products for our customers.

ITAC strive for continuous improvement and staying ahead of the curve. By combining our in-depth knowledge of solvents and polymers with our dedication to innovation, we are well-positioned to help our clients achieve market-leading positioning for their brands and products.

Female laboratory chemist doing colour testing on coating material.

Toll / Contract Manufacturing

ITAC’s comprehensive toll manufacturing solution is perfect for businesses looking to outsource their product manufacturing while ensuring consistency, quality, and customisation. We mix ingredients to achieve the correct consistency of material for the customer’s specified application method and our stringent quality control systems ensure products are consistent from batch to batch.  We have robust procedures in place to protect our customers’ formulations and intellectual property, and our flexibility allows us to accommodate both small-scale and large-scale production runs.


Bespoke Formulation

ITAC’s formulation service provides customers access to an extensive range of raw materials that when combined provide the effects and finished properties required for effective application and performance.  Our service goes beyond just providing products; we actively work in partnership with our clients. By understanding their business objectives and industry challenges, we can better address their specific pain points and develop solutions that align with their overall goals.


Project development partnerships

ITAC’s approach involves supporting customers at various stages of their product development journey, whether it’s during the initial concept and design phase or when launching a product into the market.  We are committed to helping our customers to create high-performance products by working closely with them as partners.  This collaborative approach ensures that we gain a thorough understanding of the customers’ needs and requirements at every step of the process.