Construction & building safety

A variety of polyurethane, silicone and acrylic adhesives and coatings that are specially formulated for the construction and building safety sector.

Construction & building safety

Guaranteed performance for your building projects and materials

Shiny grey metal roof cladding.

Industrial adhesives have been complementing or substituting traditional mechanical fixing methods in the construction industry for many years. They can offer enhanced durability, faster installation times, design flexibility and uncompromised aesthetics.


Coatings also have a crucial function in construction and building safety. From intumescent coatings for fire safety, to protective architectural roof coatings, they form an integral part of the finished building by improving or enhancing substrate properties, performance, longevity, and appearance.


What we do

Itac manufactures and supplies a variety of polyurethane, silicone and acrylic adhesives and coatings that are specially formulated for the construction and building safety sector.


We are also sole manufacturers of the UK’s market leading commercial roof refurbishment systems: Seamsil® for cut edge corrosion treatment, Delcote® where a full roof coating is required, Deglaze® for rooflight refurbishment and Delcote® GS for gutter refurbishment.


We work in partnership with building surveyors, chemists, and product developers in the industry to formulate and manufacture products that provide complete peace of mind in their proven and trusted performance.

How we do it

Itac recognises that one adhesive or coating does not do everything, especially in the construction and building safety sector. That is why we ensure our adhesive and coating products are as diverse as our client’s needs.

Whether it is an acrylic, a polyurethane, or a silicone adhesive/coating, we ensure the right chemistry is used for the right application including rigid, flexible, and fleece-backed substrates.

This, together with the durable, fast bonding and drying properties of solvent based adhesives; and the bespoke functional capabilities of our coating products, makes Itac the perfect choice for a plethora of construction projects and building safety products.

Products and applications

Solvent based acrylic one component adhesive
Silicone based one component coating
Silicone based two component coating
Polyurethane two component adhesive
Silicone based coating with graphite


• Roofing
• Construction
• Membrane adhesive


  • Ideal for when large areas of substrate need to be treated in one application. Speedy and promotes even coverage;
  • Low grab therefore can be used with materials which might require a degree of repositioning;
  • Traditional application methods so easy to use;
  • High bond strength enables excellent adhesion. Particularly suitable in construction for both pitched and flat roofing applications where the adhesive or coating needs to move or stretch with the substrate;
  • Elastomeric properties for high performance.

Roof membrane


  • Waterproofing
  • Asbestos sealing


  • Low V.O.C (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions, therefore better for health and the environment;
  • Fast application for reduced labour costs;
  • Reliable and durable against UV, temperature changes, moisture penetration and building movement.  Peace of mind for installers, landlords and occupants in longevity of application and its effectiveness in maintaining the building envelope;
  • Primerless adhesion therefore easy to apply;
  • Pigmented so can satisfy bespoke colour requirements in design and application;
  • Elastomeric properties for high performance.

White elastomeric roof coating being applied with a roller brush.


  • Architectural textiles


  • Provides high performance over longer periods as the chemical and thermal stability of the coating protects against colour fade and embrittlement; 
  • Translucent option can support illuminated designs;
  • Provides colour capabilities for bespoke designs;
  • Crosslinked for high performance.

modern building with tension fabric roof


  • Vinyl flooring


  • Excellent initial bond strength for efficient installation;
  • Flexible properties support difficult to bond or uneven surfaces;
  • Durable properties support substrate integrity;
  • Can facilitate production processing with the right application method.

rolls of vinyl flooring


  • Passive fire protection for fabrics


  • Intumescent coating expands when exposed to extreme heat, maintaining fabric integrity for maximum flame resistance. Plays a crucial role in fulfilling fire safety building regulations and protects people and materials in the event of fire breakout;
  • Halogen free therefore generates smoke that is much less toxic than that generated by halogenated compounds providing increased safety;
  • High solids content enables durability and high performance of the coating in maintaining fabric integrity, yet maintains coating and application properties for ease of use.

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