Adhesives and coatings specifically for mounting, laminating, and encapsulating various types of signage and graphics media


Bespoke adhesive and coatings formulations for your signage and display needs

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Well designed and fitted signs, graphics and other display materials play an essential role in most industries. They ensure visibility of brands, products or services and have a significant influence on the way they are perceived. As the old sayings go; “first impressions count” and “a picture is worth a thousand words!”


Graphics are also used to communicate information in a clear and concise way.  The desired message may have different purposes, for example, persuading, instructing, inspiring, educating or entertaining people.  However, it is the physical clarity and appearance of these graphics that ensures messages and information are conveyed as intended.


What we do

Itac have successfully formulated and developed a range of adhesives and coatings specifically for mounting, laminating, and encapsulating various types of signage and graphics media such as vehicle wraps, retail outlet window films, exhibition stands and displays.


From vehicle wrapping to fine art lamination, our adhesives and coatings have enabled uncompromised designs, better aesthetics, and lower costs in terms of application, installation, and maintenance.


Whether it be our pressure sensitive, heat activated and dry mounting adhesives, or our polyurethane based coatings; outstanding delivery and performance can be expected with every application.

How we do it

Our graphics range of solvent based adhesives and coatings are designed and manufactured specific to your display requirements. These may include removability, weathering capabilities and cohesion strength to different substrates.

Our lamination and encapsulation coatings protect signs and displays against scratches and other damage, enabling them to retain their original aesthetic appeal.

Itac recognise that one adhesive or coating does not do everything for everybody! Our technical team work hand-in-glove with designers and manufacturers to align the chemistry with the right application technique. By doing this, we ensure a truly bespoke compounding service for every application we are tasked with, backed by the trust and confidence our customers have put in us for over 100 years.

Products and applications

Solvent based acrylic one component adhesive
Solvent-based acrylic heat reactivatable adhesive
Solvent-based acrylic dry mounting adhesive
Styrene-Butadiene-rubber (SBR) based pressure sensitive adhesive
Styrene-based two component polyurethane coating


• Vehicle wraps
• Window films
• Reflective products, eg, road signs


  • The best option when high performance is required over a longer period as acrylic adhesives have high chemical, heat, oxidation, and water resistance;
  • Acrylic adhesives are robust therefore provide high shear resistance in bond for high performance;
  • Permanent or removable. Consistent level of removability. Ideal for interchangeable signs and graphics;
  • Durability resulting from UV, heat, chemical and water-resistant properties. Prevents colour fade and embrittlement whilst maintaining aesthetics;
  • User friendly with lower tack on first application allowing for accurate positioning and alteration when required;
  • Customisable to match a wide range of application requirements whilst maintaining performance attributes.


• Film adhesive for large format window, wall, and floor graphics.


  • Provides high shear resistance in bond for high performance;
  • Enables excellent bond strength to irregular substrates and can be customised;
  • Permanent or peelable adhesion so ideal for interchangeable signage and graphics;
  • Durability provided by adhesive’s UV, heat, chemical and water-resistant properties.  Prevents colour fade and embrittlement whilst maintaining aesthetics;
  • Adhesive can provide lower tack on first application allowing for easy correction and modification.


• Artwork framing applications.
• Canvas or textured substrates.


  • Provides high clarity and enables a flat, firm, and secure mount to the required substrate allowing artwork to be presented to best advantage.

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• Pressure sensitive tapes.


  • Can be customised for varying peel values and tack strengths. High peel values for permanent fixing, low peel value for temporary fastening. High tack strength for immediate and permanent bonding, low tack strength for applications where further repositioning and alteration may be required.

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• Printable textile coating for indoor banners, temporary outdoor banners, exhibition stands and displays, backdrops, and Point-of-Purchase retail signage.


  • More environmentally friendly than PVC (vinyl coated polyester) and PFC (poly-fluorinated chemicals) commonly found in durable water repellent coatings due to lower VOC levels, particularly in manufacturing;
  • Long lasting and durable due to waterproof, flame resistant, stain resistant, washable, tear and scuff resistant properties.

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    Uncompromised product performance for essential services.

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