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ITAC Adhesives

ITS smart thinking

Exciting new developments in manufacturing methods and materials continue to drive the need for both smarter and ever better adhesives and coatings. These hi-tech products have the ability to bond whilst also retaining key performance properties of the advanced new substrates to which they are affixed. They are able to aid and improve manufacturing quality and efficiency often replacing traditional fixing methods.


Itac’s mixing vessels of 1000, 2000 and 5000 litres ensure batch to batch consistency and quality. Our overall capacity of 2,000 tonnes per annum gives us the flexibility to absorb peaks in customer demand. In-house dry compounding facilities enables milling and granulating processes to be carried out on site.


Itac is a company driven by a desire to deliver quality products and service throughout every aspect of our business. Major recent investments in plant and key personnel help maintain our commitment to continuous improvement. The latest technology, enables filtering down to 20 micron (absolute).

UK supplier

Itac Limited is based in Stoneclough, Manchester – 2 miles away from a major motorway link. It is our intention to deliver all goods direct, utilising our own transport. If implemented, returnable re-usable IBCs would be collected at the same time.

Shelf life & storage conditions

Finished product is packed in your preferred containers and stored in our warehouse prior to delivery. On each container the label will include the date of manufacture, shelf life of the product and the batch number. In addition we can add storage requirements relating to ranges in temperature and relative humidity levels.


The majority of Itac’s mixing vessels are jacketed, giving us the ability to control mix temperature through cooling in compliance with PG6/44(04) Manufacture of Coating Materials. Additionally, Itac is a registered producer of hazardous waste (Reg No AAR019) and our solvent waste is currently recycled as fuel.

Statistical Process Control System

Our Statistical Process Control System provides 24/7 secure access, to registered Itac customers. By demonstrating proof of quality, it delivers confidence in every batch together with the opportunity to optimise the production process – a dynamic tool for those who demand the ultimate in process control.


Returnable, reusable IBCs keep packaging costs to a minimum, reduce the production area footprint and the number of physical movements required to get finished material to the point of application. Itac have experience in using 1000 Litre Stainless Steel IBCs as well as drums from 200 litre down to 2.5 litre tins and cartridges if required.

Economies of scale

Bulk solvent storage of 120,000 litres allows Itac to share the financial benefit of bulk purchasing with its customers helping to keep production cost to a minimum.

Itac Engineer, at our customer’s service

Recognising there may be a need to transfer product from bulk to your application head, our Engineer can be made available to support or assist in resolving this issue.

In-house technical team

We are pleased to offer the support of our in-house Technical Team for future product development where appropriate.

Core values

Core values - The workplace mantra by which Itac operatesThe workplace mantra by which Itac operates.

BREXIT – let’s not come unstuck

BREXIT – let’s not come unstuck

We're still no clearer what effect BREXIT will have in terms of procurement for UK manufacturing. But one thing is for sure – at ITAC we will be doing everything in our power to avoid any disruption in supply.