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As adhesive manufacturers for over 120 years, ITAC have specialised in developing high performance solvent-based adhesives and coatings since 1902.

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Our approach is based on a manufacturing partnership – this means we work in partnership and collaboration with you through bespoke and toll manufacturing  to provide innovative speciality chemical formulations, to support market-leading brand and product development.

At ITAC, it’s simple – we add performance! ITAC help you make your product perform how you want it to perform.


Manufacturing and formulation expertise

Using our expertise in chemistry, innovation and ingenuity, combined with close partnerships,  we design and manufacture bespoke adhesives and coatings formulations that enable our customers to develop market leading products that are critical in countless applications and processes. 

Adhesive and coating formulation specialists

Customised formulations

Together, we’ll make it happen!

Itac provides real value to the production of new products and the improvement of existing ones.  Whether it be maintaining brand image through applying a UV protective coating on an outdoor sign; or applying a light deactivated adhesive for ease and comfort in the removal of medical dressings, Itac can make it happen!




A solution for every sector

Adhesive manufacturers and coating formulation experts with an agile, responsive, and tailored approach to doing business – ITAC work hard to satisfy our client’s and their customer’s niche requirements whatever the industry.  Read on to learn how we have formulated, manufactured and supplied specialist adhesives and coatings into the food and beverage, graphics, construction and building safety, chemicals, oil, gas and power, health and safety, and sports and leisure sectors.

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