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Sustainable development concept - set of cog wheels with a plantlet.
Question: can bio-based adhesives and coatings provide the same high performance as conventional formulations for “greener” application solutions? The environmental challenge Increased pressure from environmental groups, recent natural disasters, and increased environmental awareness has pushed climate change further up the agenda as a major global...
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Abstract image of coating application particles as if seen under a microscope. Orange and red.
Great chemistry for your coating application needs For ITAC, great chemistry isn’t just about the our coating application formulation expertise. It’s also about the relationships we have with our customers as we support them to achieve their internal and external business objectives. Whether it be...
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Adhesive glue manufacturing. Male and female worker using roller machine.
Since its first use by ancient Maya civilisations, rubber is still an essential polymer for hundreds of everyday products including vehicle tyres, footwear, clothing, sports equipment and kitchen appliances. It is also critical to many industrial and commercial applications such as electrical insulation, PPE, seals...
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Silicone symbol on red periodic table
Silicones are synthetic polymers that can take many forms including solids, rubbers, liquids, gels, oils and pastes. They have an extremely wide range of physical and chemical properties due to their inorganic silicone-oxygen molecular structure. This makes them quite different to organic carbon-based substances in...
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Development chemists performing tensile test
High performance adhesives and coatings since 1902. 2022 marks the 120th year since John Markus founded ITAC Limited.  The beginning of Itac started when John discovered that tyre scrapings dissolved in solvent made an excellent rubber adhesive, which when painted onto the outside carcass of...
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