Itac has a diverse range of customers and our adhesives and coatings are utilised for a large range of applications. By working closely with a wide variety of adhesive users around the globe, we have developed flexible systems which provide swift and effective results. Our products form an important hidden component, bonding and sealing the surfaces of an amazing array of substrates within virtually every sector.

Our Key markets –


ITS Buildtec – adhesives and coatings, specially formulated for the roofing,  construction and flooring industry.


ITS Fibretec – adhesive systems specially formulated for the textile market.


ITS Graphix – adhesives, specially formulated for mounting, laminating and encapsulation.


ITS Dermasafe – adhesives, specially formulated and approved for direct skin contact.


ITS Foodsmart – coatings and adhesives specially formulated for the food industry.

Fire retardant

ITS Pyrocalm – specially formulated flame retardant coatings.