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It was in 1902 that Itac’s founder John Markus, discovered that tyre scrapings dissolved in solvent made an excellent rubber adhesive, which when painted on to the outside carcass of the tyre, formed an ideal priming coat on which the tyre tread could be bonded. In 1954, Polyurethane technologies were introduced to the company where the polymer would arrive at the factory in the form of granules before being put into solution and sold to the textile coating industry, mainly for waterproofing. It was in 1972 that Itac realised the full potential of its mixing equipment and began to manufacture adhesives in addition to coating solutions. Then in the early 1990’s, Itac successfully launched the UK’s now market leading silicone-based coating system for commercial and industrial roof refurbishment.

Shot of two factory managers doing an inspection of raw materials
Light blue and dark blue polymer pellets

Itac have always been dedicated to research and development into new methods, materials, and machinery to keep abreast of the rapid pace of change in the manufacturing industry. Our technical team have developed the ability to work with a wide range of polymers to create adhesives and coatings that not only satisfy product requirements, but also complements our client’s own method of manufacture. We have the knowledge and skills to interpret our clients needs and advise them on what polymers will or will not work in the successful development or improvement of their products.

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Our formulating service provides customers access to an extensive range of raw materials that when combined provide the effects and finished properties required for effective application and performance.

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Our toll/contract manufacturing service works with customer’s formulations to make products that they are unable to or decide not to make in their own factories. 

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