ITS product range

ITS product range

A continually evolving range of industry specific coatings and adhesives specially formulated by ITAC.

ITS graphix

Solvent-borne Acrylic – Pressure sensitive permanent laminating adhesive.
Excellent clarity, high tack, high shear resistance, U.V. stable, exceptional application characteristics.

ITS graphix

Solvent-borne Acrylic – Pressure sensitive permanent laminating adhesive.
Excellent clarity, no image distortion, high tack, high shear resistance.

ITS graphix

Solvent-borne Acrylic – Heat seal laminating adhesive.
Excellent clarity, excellent shear resistance, low tack.

ITS graphix

Solvent-borne Acrylic – Heat set laminating adhesive.
Low temperature bond, non block finish, high performance.

ITS graphix

Solvent-borne Styrene-butadiene – Pressure sensitive, vertical heavy duty mounting adhesive.
Highly resinated, instant grab, excellent tack, high solids.

ITS graphix

Solvent-borne Polyurethane – Printable textile coating.
Flexible, craze resistant, washable for vibrant graphics.

ITS pyrocalm

Polyurethane – Fire curtain coating.
Excellent adhesion, halogen free, flame retardant.

ITS pyrocalm

Solvent-borne Neoprene – Webbing, joint and belting flame retardant coating.
Excellent adhesion, for prolonged life in demanding applications.

ITS pyrocalm

Solvent-borne Silicone graphite – Fire curtain flame retardant coating.
Halogen free, intumescent, for reduced emissions and enhanced protection.

ITS buildtec

Solvent-borne Acrylic - Roofing construction adhesive.
Excellent high grab adhesion for easy application, allows repositioning.

ITS buildtec

Silicone - Refurbishment cut edge coating.
Primerless adhesion, colourfast, weather resistant.

ITS buildtec

Silicone - Architectural textile coating.
Good flexibility and U.V. resistant colour stability.

ITS buildtec

Polyurethane - Flooring adhesive.
Excellent initial bond strength, flexible, supports difficult to bond applications.

ITS dermasafe

Solvent-borne Natural Rubber - 'Skin safe', pressure sensitive dressing adhesive.
High grab, flexible, water resistant, suitable for medical application.

ITS dermasafe

Solvent-borne Acrylic - 'Skin safe' pressure sensitive adhesive.
Low adherent, hypoallergenic, non ZnO base, water resistant.

ITS foodsmart

Solvent-borne Polyurethane - Food processing conveyor belt coating.
Excellent adhesion, easy clean, prolongs life, FDA approved.

ITS foodsmart

Natural rubber - Pressure sensitive packaging adhesive.
Suitable for wide range of packaging including 'aroma' technology, FDA approved.

ITS fibretec

Polyurethane - Natural Rubber, Acrylic, Silicone textile coatings.
Hydrolysis resistant, U.V. resistant, anti fray, colour fast, washable, durable.

ITS fibretec

Solvent-borne Polyurethane - Water resistant adhesive coating for life saving equipment.
Water resistant, flexible and light fast.

ITS fibretec

Neoprene, Viton, Nitrile, Silicone coatings and adhesives.
For resistance against chemical, gas, abrasion.

ITS fibretherm

Polyurethane - Non flammable textile adhesive with U.V. tracker.
Flexible, quick grab, BEAB approved.

Full technical and safety data sheets plus samples are available upon request.

Ancillary products such as matting agents and pigment master batches compatible with the ITS fibretec range are also available.

ITS foodsmart M/B ancillary products are a range of coloured pastes compatible with the ITS foodsmart TR range. They can be colour matched to support corporate/product identity schemes.

Need a new or innovative adhesive?

Our ITS – intelligent technical solutions service gives you the opportunity to benefit from our unique knowledge and skills base by having a bespoke adhesive designed and formulated especially for your need.

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