ITAC and REACHREACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and the restriction of CHemical substances) is an important EU chemical regulation, which strives to protect human and environmental health from the potential risks posed by chemicals. Itac supports this law and its aims wholeheartedly.

Within REACH, manufacturers and importers assume the responsibility to collect information on the properties and the substances where they handle one tonne or more per year. They are now required to make an assessment of the hazards and potential risks presented by the chemical substance(s).

There is a need to register with the European Chemicals Agency  (ECHA).

Under the law, substances may initially be pre-registered allowing for manufacture prior to registration coming into force.

Itac has already contacted companies within its supply chain and received assurances that all substances supplied to Itac have been preregistered prior to registration within the given time frame.

Itac will continue to manufacture materials that are compliant within all relevant legislation and ensure packaging guidelines are followed together with supportive safety data information for transportation and application purposes.

Any customer requiring support in connection with their REACH responsibilities should contact Itac for further help and information.