A confidential manufacturing partnership service for organizations within the adhesives and coatings industry.

Itac has been providing confidential manufacturing (toll) partnership services to a wide range of organizations, within the adhesives and coatings sector for over a century.

Major companies have always utilised outsourcing as an efficient, cost effective way of extending short or long term capacity. In the current economic environment the benefits of creating the right strategic business partnerships have never been greater.

By demonstrating our ability to work with the world’s highest calibre companies, Itac has developed a reputation for understanding and controlling critical to function (CTF) process parameters which are vital to performance. Today, Itac is the partner of choice for many leading names in the industry.

Replicating quality

Itac works in partnership with world class companies, who often operate within critical hi-tech areas of activity. We have developed systems to monitor their strict, crucial requirements to prove and measure process capability and repeatability.