ITS pyrocalm

ITS pyrocalm

ITS pyrocalmA continually evolving range of specially formulated flame retardant coatings.

Itac has been successfully creating highly effective, flame retardant coatings for many years.

As the legislative demands for flame resistant materials have grown, we have worked ever closer with manufacturers to develop a range of
products that are designed to allow textiles to contain and reduce the risk of fire.

ITS pyrocalm is a tried and tested range of halogenated and halogen free, flame retardant coatings. Products in the range will inhibit combustion and diminish smoke emissions, when applied to a wide range of substrates and materials. ITS pyrocalm products can be formulated to allow customised systems to comply with international standards. The range utilises flame retardant and intumescent materials within various polymer coatings to provide a range of applications, including:
Environmental – fire-curtains, textiles, wall coverings, furniture etc.
Industrial – liquid and chemical holding vessels and seals
Apparel – safety and protective clothing
Aircraft industry – cargo webbing and textiles

By utilising intumescent, halogen, antimony and phosphate  technologies and a diverse rangde eorfm paoslyamfeers, we continue to develop the ITS pyrocalm range to meet specific demands and all regulatory compliance  requirements.

Brand NameDescriptionUsageKey FeaturesKey Benefits

ITS pyrocalm

Solvent-borne PU
Two component
Fire curtainsHalogen free
Medium viscosity
Excellent adhesion
Flame retardant
Supports good window blocking
Withstands compact storage prior to use
Prolongs life

ITS pyrocalm

Heat Cure
Industrial and Transportation
Expansion joints and belting
Flame retardant
Excellent adhesion
Good flexibility
Temperature/Chemical resistant
Aerospace approved
Prolongs life
Facilitates apparel applications
Suitable for demanding applications

ITS pyrocalm

Heat Cure
Fire curtainsHalogen free
High solids
Low toxicity
Reduced emissions
Builds fire barrier to enhance protection

Full technical and safety data sheets plus samples are available upon request.

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