Recently, I saw a headline ‘Will heat wave be worse than 1976?’ Worse, I thought surely that should say better. It was early on Saturday morning and I was off for a spot of cycling, a little training for my forthcoming charity bike ride. A lot of peddling and several hours later, I found myself agreeing yes, without doubt, this heat wave is definitely much worse than the one I remember from my youth. 

Our own perspectives influence our views. Hot British summers are wonderful when we are able to relax. Perfect for sitting and sipping a cold drink - or two. Not so good, if you are a rain starved farmer, who’s crop is in danger or a person engaged in tackling savage blazes, like the ones which broke out on Lancashire Hill, not far from our Manchester factory recently. There, the fire fighters planned to extinguish the fires as quickly as possible. But once alight, peat naturally burns. Even with help from the army the intense fires kept growing. So, as well as continuing to dowse the flames, the decision was taken to dig deep ditches to isolate the area and contain the fire.

Almost every business has hot and cold periods or peaks and troughs. Itac is no exception. Yet, since we opened our new factory, last summer, we have seen a steady and continued increase in orders, meaning the heat is really on and it shows no sign of relenting. 

I am pleased to report that everything is under control. The additional production is being managed by Itac’s experienced team, utilizing our ‘state of the art’ systems 

and with our extra capacity and the occasional ice lolly (as part of our team's carefully controlled diet) we feel quite chilled and able to keep our cool, no matter what the thermometer reads.

We learn from your comments, please keep them coming in.

 Paul Armitt

Itac Managing Director



Exclusive Sharmans partnership 
heralds a new era at Delvemade


Delvemade and Sharmans are two innovative British companies with the same business ethos. Each is committed to customer satisfaction. Both have a reputation for providing transformational answers that can redress and prevent damage to buildings caused by the elements, particularly rainwater and sunlight.


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UK scientists create first 3D printed human corneas


Scientists at Newcastle University have, for the first time, successfully 3D printed human corneas using a unique gel.
The cornea is the outermost layer of the human eye, with a key role in focusing vision.

There are currently around 10 million people worldwide in need of surgery to prevent corneal blindness, which results from diseases such as trachoma - an infectious eye disorder. Another 5 million are already blind due to corneal scarring from burns, lacerations, abrasion or disease. 

There is a major shortfall of corneas available to transplant. This new technique could potentially be used to produce an unlimited supply of corneas.

The Newcastle team conducted proof-of-concept research, the resulting reports show how stem cells (human corneal stromal cells) from a healthy donor cornea were mixed together with alginate and collagen to create a solution that could be printed, a ‘bio-ink’.

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Delvemade has a new image

Delvemade’s new chevron branding will change the way you see the company. Looked at one way, it’s a roof top and cladding, another, it’s an arrow showing that Itac’s subsidiary is intent on moving onwards and upwards with its leading Seamsil®, Delcote® and Delglaze® roofing and cladding range of coatings.



Raw materials that stay cool last longer

Itac’s cold storage facility has been an excellent investment, particularly this year. As temperatures have soared, rubber compounds and other heat sensitive materials have remained at a steady 5ºC, effectively doubling product life and holding the material in perfect condition ready for use.

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A new Itac van, recently hit the road. Easily recognisable in the company’s striking orange livery, it’s the first vehicle to carry Delvemade’s new chevron brand. 



ITS Pyrocalm

Itac has been successfully creating highly effective, flame retardant coatings for many years.

As the legislative demands for flame resistant materials have grown, we have worked ever closer with manufacturers to develop a range of products that are designed to allow textiles to contain and reduce the risk of fire.

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